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The Capitalist is a multi-user online economic strategy based on the market model of financial corporations. Modern remake of the game that has conquered the hearts of millions of players around the world and entered into history as Monopoly. Here you can play monopoly online with friends or join a new group of players in our club.

The goal of the game is to maximize your starting capital and to ruin other players by buying up assets or getting them through deals concluded with your competitors, through smart combinations, or by winning the auctions. Only one player wins - the capitalist who stayed afloat, managed to make the largest fortune and ruined all his rivals.

Negotiate with other players via chat or personal messaging to take possession of the assets you need to create your monopoly - a group of companies from one country - and the flow of large profits will not be long in coming!

This game will bring you a lot of pleasure with its unpredictability, intrigue, excitement and diversity, because each game here is a unique story and the opportunity to spend time in a great company! Playing this game you develop your business thinking, the ability to reach agreements and think through business combinations, the ability to accept big money and distribute them efficiently.

The dynamics of the game and its duration is unpredictable and depends on the number of players and their personalities. Some, playing monopoly, fighting to the end, even if at first glance the situation seems hopeless, others, on the contrary, give up as soon as they feel that the game is not in their favor, although in most cases this is a misconception, because in online monopoly, as in the classic board game, a gameplay advantage can radically change up to several times for a game.

Now you can fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of world business, become a successful capitalist and fight your rivals to the victorious end!

How to playGame rules and basic principles

From 2 to 5 players inclusive can take part in one game. The winner is the last player who has not gone bankrupt. In case the last remaining two players failed to ruin each other within two hours, the winner is the player whose total capital is greater (total value of all assets and cash).

Start of Play

At the beginning of the game each player is provided with a start-up capital of $1,500,000. The chips of all players are automatically placed on the starting field.

The right of the first turn is determined automatically, using a random number generator. The player has no more than 2 minutes for each turn. A player who fails to complete his turn within the allotted time is automatically declared bankrupt and retired from the game.

Players take turns rolling a pair of dice, in the order of places they occupy the gaming table. The player's chip moves clockwise by the number of fields corresponding to the sum of numbers obtained on the dice as a result of the roll.

Asset Purchases

If the dice roll brings you into the field of a company that is not yet owned by anyone, you are entitled to buy this asset for the price indicated in this field. You can get information about the profitability of the company by clicking on this field.

When you do not have enough 'cash' for it or at the moment you do not want to spend it, you can borrow from a virtual bank to buy desirable asset (a chargeable service). You can only take a single credit at a time and get a new one by repaying the current one.

If you decide not to buy the asset, it must be auctioned off. The other players take turns bidding at the auction, or refuse to bid. The auction step is $10,000. The highest bidder becomes the owner of the asset.

When you become the owner of an asset, you begin to receive dividends every time your opponent hits the field of this company. The opponent in this case is obliged to pay to the owner the amount indicated on this field.

Asset Development

Your goal is to develop your existing assets to generate more profit. For this purpose it is necessary to take possession of all companies of one or several countries - in other words, to take possession of the monopoly.

By owning the monopoly, you can buy shares of your monopoly companies while making a turn, which significantly increases the profitability of the company for you and causes more damage to your opponents when they hit these fields. You can get information about the profitability of the company depending on the number of available shares by pressing on its field.


You can also take possession of the asset you need to build a monopoly by making deals with other players: if another player already has the asset you need, you can offer him money and/or another company in exchange.

Remember that exchange combinations to get the desired company may consist of a chain of transactions with several players, so it is better to negotiate a deal with your opponents in advance, via personal messages or in a chat.

Exchange combinations should be comparable in value: gifts, favours, loans are not allowed. Violation of this rule will result in penalties, including blocking a player's account. Fair Play is one of The Capitalist's priorities

Payment of Dividends

If as a result of a turn you enter the field of a company already owned by your opponent, you must pay the owner the amount marked on this field.

To pay off your debt, you can use both the money you already have and the money you can get from the bank against the security of your companies or the sale of your shares, for which you will see the corresponding interface buttons at the moment of debt payment.

If the total capital of the player (the total value of all assets and cash) is insufficient to pay off the debt, the player is declared bankrupt and leaves the game.

Bonus Fields

On the game board there are two bonus fields called Chance, getting on which you can get an unplanned profit. The amount of bonuses varies and depends only on your luck.

In addition, each time you complete a full round of play and pass through the starting field, you get an unconditional income of $200,000

Penalty Fields

On the game board there are two penalty fields called Force Majeure, hitting which you incur losses, the size of which can also be different.

Tax. Once here, you will have to pay taxes of 6% of all your capital (total value of all assets and cash).

Customs Clearance. Your chip moves into the Customs field and gets arrested. You will have to pay a fine of $50,000 for leaving this field or roll a double on dice in one of three attempts. A direct hit on the Customs field will not result in any penalties.

Club rulesOnly fair play and mutual respect

The main purpose of The Capitalist game club rules is to provide comfortable conditions for games and communication for all users. As in real modern business relations, rudeness, conflicts and other disrespect to each other are not welcomed in our club.

Please observe the rules of decency and mutual respect when communicating with other players and Fair Play principles when playing games. Please note that by registering and participating in The Capitalist games, you agree to follow the simple rules outlined below:


Any kind of insults, degrading treatment, especially insults on national, social, sexual, racial and other personality and individual grounds, threats and foul language are prohibited. It is also prohibited to disseminate any links to third-party resources, advertising or any illegal or offensive information.

The Capitalist is a virtual gaming club, but we ask you to follow the same rules of decency and etiquette that you follow when visiting real public places.

Participation in Games

Please observe the principles of Fair Play when playing games in our club. We do not welcome displays of unsporting behavior. Remember: it's just a game.

Any attempts to win the game in a dishonest way are not allowed. It is categorically unacceptable to drain the game - the transfer of assets in the game to another player for a fraction of the price, an unequal exchange of companies, gifts and other actions that violate the normal gameplay. If you suffer a defeat, please keep your dignity, do not insult or humiliate your opponent - there are no victories without defeats. Conversely, avoid disrespecting your opponents Conversely, avoid disrespecting your opponents if you win over them.


The comfortable and friendly atmosphere at The Capitalist club is what hundreds of thousands of players around the world chose us for, and this remains our top priority. We promise you to continue to maintain this high standard of quality, so players who systematically violate the simple rules outlined above will be restricted in their access to the club. The maintenance of order and comfort at the club is monitored by our Dicy bot without sleep and rest, as well as our user support team, which you can always contact if necessary. Thank you for being with us!

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